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Here at Cheerbrook we have spent the last 10 years perfecting our pork sausage.

In the pursuit of this we have travelled all over the country tasting sausages from other butchers, farm shops and cafes. We even bring sausages back as presents from our holidays. In fact it is safe to say that we are a bunch of well seasoned (no, not old…) professionals when it comes to the not so humble banger.

Throughout all our travelling, tasting, and trials we keep finding that nothing comes close to our pork sausage. In fact we think the Cheerbrook pork sausage is perfect!

This belief is reinforced by our customers who come back time and again to fill their shopping bags with our sausage. Even people who have moved away from Nantwich come back regularly for sausage supplies. So, in response to customer demand, we have finally decided that the time is right to launch our Perfect Sausage Delivery Service.

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why are we so special?

Our key ingredient – Pork. We have selected Packington Free Range to supply free range Pork. Unlike most other free-range farms, all Packington Free Range pigs are born outdoors and live their whole lives in the lush green pastures of the farm at Packington. They are not taken indoors to fatten up at the end of their lives, and they are able to live stress-free as they are always provided what they need, when they need it.

Visit Packington Free Range’s website

The Packington Pork is carefully butchered here at Cheerbrook to remove the prime muscles from the shoulder bone which ensures the right lean to fat ratio for a perfect sausage.
The shoulder cuts are then minced before being mixed with other fresh ingredients.

We use natural skins which are used traditionally as they cook and taste much better than artificial alternatives. This along with a pairing of the finest freshest herbs and vegetables produces sausages that are second to none. Seasoning – our sausages are all free from MSG, colours & artificial additives. After 10 years of perfecting our traditional pork sausage we have realised that the best flavour comes from fresh natural ingredients so the only way we enhance our Perfect Pork Sausage is with fresh ingredients (there are no packets of flavouring here)

Breadcrumbs – all our sausage has a small amount of breadcrumb which is important in giving a good texture to the sausage.

It is not just our belief that our sausages are fantastic, competition judges agree too. Our Perfect Pork Sausage has been awarded 99/100 at competitions, and won regional & national awards for flavour, texture, innovation and generally being fantastic!

Cheerbook’s team of butchers, with over 100 years experience between them, have and demonstrate a passion and belief in their product with the attitude that the only way is the best way. They are rightly proud of their craft.